About this project

As Asian-Americans, we were inspired to explore Asian American identities outside of the popular mainstream narratives that we became accustomed to. These popular narratives of Asian-Americans skewed heavily towards urban, coastal cities, with an overemphasis on success achieved through hard work. We were curious to see if there were unique and interesting Asian-American stories in areas and counties that one wouldn't necessarily expect: the South. As we profiled and documented an overlooked community, we began to uncover the rich history that defines an untold Asian-American story. 

Through our audiovisual story, we hope to showcase the authentic life stories and perspectives of the Delta Chinese to a wider audience. We want to emphasize the contribution of the Delta Chinese to the communities in the Mississippi and preserve a piece of history in the larger Asian-American narrative. 

Special thanks to
Frieda Quon for her invaluable support and championing our storytelling effort. 
Gilory and Sally Chow, for their love and generosity in connecting us to people in the Mississippi Delta
All our participants: Steve Yee, Taylor Pang, Ryan Kwan, Shawn Kwan, Jerome Seu, Raymond Wong, Richard Quon, Martha Wing, Luck Wing, Kameron Chow, Shirley Kwan, Raymond Joe, Elisa and David Pang.  


Andrew Kung -

Andrew Kung is a commercial/editorial photographer living in Brooklyn, NY and rooted in San Francisco. His parents met and married in the South, inspiring a curiosity that led to this project. To see more of Andrew's work, feel free to visit his website and instagram.

Emanuel Hahn - 

Emanuel Hahn is a commercial photographer specializing in portraiture based in Brooklyn, New York. Having grown up in South Korea, Singapore and Cambodia, Emanuel is curious about different cultures, especially the diaspora community. You can learn more about his work by visiting his website and instagram.